Sunday, November 22, 2015

FREE Books!

As I wind down my time on KDP Select, a program within Amazon that allows authors to give away books and schedule sales, I am using up the rest of my free days.  All I will say on the matter is the experience has been far from stellar for me, but if it worked for you as an author, congrats. 
So to that end, literally, I have decided to expand the distribution, which means Kobo and B&N users will soon be able to download my books.
But I won't go down quietly. I'm offering two books for free to kindle and kindle app users.

Death on the Ocean Floor is my mystery set in New Brunswick, literally on the ocean's floor.

 From USA Today Bestselling author, Georgina Lee, the next in her exciting Bay Fundy Romantic Suspense series.
Tetra Martin can’t imagine anything worse than finding her roommate stabbed to death in a cave accessible only at low tide...until she learns she’s the main suspect. Having an acerbic tongue isn’t helping her relationship with the local police, either.
Her best chance lies with David Haines, her buttoned-down supervisor who’s determined to prove her innocence. But as the tide rises, so does the killer’s intent to make Tetra the next victim.

"She really knows how to grab readers and keep their attention." Romantic Times


The Gifts of Argostar Part 2 is the next in the sci-fi fantasy series.

The epic stories continue from where The Gifts of Argostar Part 1 ended. The Gifts of Argostar Part 2 has two novellas. In the first, The Alliance, the twin planets must unite to end a war, but the unification brings two powerful leaders nose to nose. Then in The Rescue, pride gets in the way when the ceasefire is rejected. Two more exciting fantasy stories to enjoy!

(The Gifts of Argostar Part 1 is still only 99 cents) 

So please, help yourself and share in the fun by spreading the news. We may as well go out of KDP with a bang! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fitbit poser? Or a Fibit Judger?

I don't review products. But I do want to propose something to you. Do you like to keep track of your exercise? Did you ever use a pedometer? Do you want a Fitbit?

Let's discuss this for a minute. When you're dieting, do you check your weight more than once a week? I do. I even tend to judge myself by that number. 

And that's so incredibly wrong. That's why I am approaching this issue from a different angle.

In that context, do you want a Fitbit? I've read a number of reviews for it and listened to TV reports on it, also. It looks like a nice little rig. Most love it, and they check all the stuff they need to - diet, exercise, sleep. Not all the reviews are glowing, however. It won't sync sometimes, or quits unexpectedly or, like that pedometer you once attached to your belt, can record exercise when you're not exercising. 

But let's face it. It's cool. It's unobtrusive, and yet, shows the world you're tracking your exercising. Good for you! It can come in nice colours with pretty little fasteners. No one wants to be seen with a nerdy pedometer on their belt anymore. 

It's also great for posers. They like to show off. It's great for keeners, too. They can really micromanage their regime.

But here's a warning. Just don't wear it only to show off. And don't wear it to micromanage your life. In fact, I challenge you to wear it only to confirm what your sweat (or lack thereof) is telling you. 

Don't allow it to judge you, either. Fitness is a long term goal, a lifestyle, a means to have quality of life. Fitbits are tools to help, not to 'fit' into the crowd, or keep you busy during your break when you should be walking away from your iphone and going outside to enjoy life.

So stop reading my blog and get out there! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is there a novel in you?

It's not too late to join NaNoMo. Or Nano, as we novelists call it. It's really National Novel Writing Month and it is a way to spur you on to get that novel inside of you out!
But so many people whine, "I can't write!" That's not true. I simply tell them, "No, you can't edit." No one should rely on their own edits, anyway. We're too close to the story. 
And, yes, I also hear, "But I don't know grammar!" (I don't know him, either. But I do know some correct grammar) 
You may not speak the Queen's English all the time, but you don't have to. 
Take a look at this link:

So, in association with this, just a little note on some common mistakes, brought to you by

Five Mistakes To Avoid in Your NaNoWriMo Novel Infographic
(Sorry I couldn't line it up properly within my blog.I'm just not that savvy.)

So why not give it a try? Why not start your story today? Because there is a novel inside of you.